What happens when...

Traditional house calls become popular again?

Doctors can spend as much time with patients as needed?

Treatment is whatever is best for the patient, not the insurance company?

Caregivers are treated beside those they care for?

A personal doctor can be reached any time, day or night?

Patients can die peacefully at home, on their own terms?

Chronic pain patients don't have to fight preconceived stigmas?

When all these things happen and more, you know you are being treated by...


As our way of saying "thank you," our first 100 patients will automatically be given Premier Client Status (PCS). As partners helping us build a new method of medical care, PCS members will forever secure the discount of our currently reduced rates.

Out of necessity, service charges will increase after we reach our initial goal of 100 patient members. However, by joining now, RSHC will never increase the cost of your medical plan.  Please note: members must be one of the following to keep their PCS benefit: A primary care patient; an ADHD client; or a member of CHPS (our Palliative & Hospice program).

If interested, please contact us and let us know how RSHC can meet your medical needs. You may leave us a message via our contact form (emails are never sold or shared with outside parties), or contact us via phone or email.