As RSHC is still in its infancy, we are in the process of establishing patient groups. Part of our success, of course, requires our own hard marketing work. However, we would also love to establish groups for interested patients and communities. If you or your company would like to set up group therapy or education, please contact us for arrangements. We will do the hard work for you!

The following groups are currently in the works. Write or call us for details and let us know if you would like to participate.


  • TOBACCO CESSATION, ASSISTANCE, EDUCATION & TREATMENT: It's said that it's easier to get off Cocaine and Heroin than it is to stop smoking. This group will be for those patients struggling with smoking cessation. Patients are more likely to be successful with group support and physician-led education. Dr. Ren will be available to answer questions and, if appropriate, prescribe medication for nicotine cessation.


  • ADULT ADHD SUPPORT GROUP: We are attempting to establish a local CHADD group in the Kansas City area (both KS and MO sides). These groups would be for adults with ADHD and their family members. Members will find support; education; and networking. Dr. Ren plans to arrange speakers and will herself be present to provide education and answer questions.


  • PARENT ADHD SUPPORT GROUP: This group may be arranged through CHADD or (pending current negotiations) an RSHC-specific group. This will be a group for parents of children and teenagers with ADHD. Dr. Ren has two ADHD children herself, and she understands the challenges (and joys) of raising ADHD children. We aim for this group to be a place for venting (let's be honest, no matter how much we love our crazily creative kids, we need a place to purge); networking; education; and fun. There will also be a focus on educational issues; Dr. Ren will teach educational techniques and constructive ways of dealing with your child's school and teachers. FYI, our ADHD Blog is also a great resource for parents!


  • GROUP FOR NEW & TERRIFIED PARENTS: Let's face it - if you're a new parent, every day brings a frightening new ordeal (is that normal? I don't know! He vomited food five feet away!). This group will be a support group for new moms and dads (they work hard too!) struggling with the challenges of having a newborn. Topics will include: Breastfeeding support; infant emergencies and what to do; CPR and choking education; managing feeding issues; safe medication administration; postpartum depression; relationship stress; emotional support; anger management; colic and its toll on one's sanity; single-parent issues; developmental milestones; and other concerns common to new parents. RSHC providers will be available to facilitate the group; provide education; and answer questions.


  • GROUP SUPPORT FOR IMMIGRANTS & NON-NATIVE COMMUNITY MEMBERS: The Kansas City area is home to a large refugee and immigrant population. Unfortunately, they are largely left on their own to figure out America's complicated medical system. This is especially hard when you or your family may not speak English well. This group will be a safe place for non-natives to ask questions; network; and find help. RSHC supports immigrants and refugees; we wish to help their communities however we can. Additionally, no undocumented participant will ever need to fear coming to an RSHC event (or being treated by our providers). We treat everyone with the same respect and care, regardless of their primary language, country of origin, SES status, or legal residence. If you have experience working with these communities, please contact us if you'd like to volunteer! We welcome your knowledge and put it to good use!


  • END-OF-LIFE & GRIEF SUPPORT GROUP: This group is for any patient facing a terminal diagnosis. While a member of RSHC staff will be present to facilitate group discussion and answer medical questions, this group is primarily for emotional support. We plan to tailor the sessions to patient needs. Sessions may include chaplain counseling; education about the funeral industry; psychiatric support; discussions of life-after-death; and many other topics as directed by the group. Of note, RSHC also offers hospice & end-of-life medical care.


  • SUPPORT GROUP FOR VICTIMS OF SEX TRAFFICKING; SEX INDUSTRY; & DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: Dr. Ren is particularly interested in helping women who are currently involved in; escaping from; or haunted by the sex industry and/or other forms of bodily and psychological abuse. This group will be a place for women to find emotional support and help without fear of judgement. Dr. Ren offers free medical advice; education; and treatment (within the realm of what's possible pending location, etc.) to any member of this community.

If you are a patient interested in joining one of these groups, please let us know. We are also looking for volunteers to assist with planning; hosting; snacks; handouts; and any other help volunteers can provide. These groups would also be a great way for students and (older) scouts to earn volunteer hours.