ADHD is one of the most poorly understood psychiatric issues, both by the medical community and general public. Counseling for ADHD may seem a bit out of place when compared to the other services offered by RSHC, but it is one of Dr. Ren's sub-specialties. She is the daughter, wife, daughter-in-law, and mother to ADHD individuals! This means she has become an expert via personal experience, as well as through education.

There is a severe shortage of physicians who can diagnose, yet alone counsel, ADHD patients. Currently, Dr. Ren offers counseling for teens and adults with ADHD. If a patient is local, then Dr. Ren is able to prescribe medication (if appropriate). Non-local patients, however, can still take advantage of the most important part of treatment: ADHD life coaching and therapy. This is provided via tele-medicine. Specifically, by online counseling sessions.

Please contact us if you have questions about diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Ren is eager to help you with a diagnosis that few physicians truly understand. Feel free to investigate our comprehensive ADHD blog as well. Dr. Ren only posts information that is medically accurate, and there may be resources that can help you to organize the various stressors that seem to nip at the heels of ADHD patients.

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While we do offer a program for comprehensive ADHD lifestyle changes, many people are simply at the beginning stages of wondering if they have ADHD. Others may want some specific ADHD-related counseling, but would rather pay per session than belong to a membership program (which is perfectly fine; our goal is to provide what's for best you as decided by you). If you would like to speak with a physician about possible diagnosis or simply meet to discuss how to best address your ADHD-related concerns, click here.

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Often, ADHD patients are in need of special testing and/or general education/work accommodations. This can be via an IEP, 504 plan, or other specific program as designed by one's school or work. Occasionally, it takes considerable push and documentation for ADHD teens and adults to achieve the help and recognition they need for success. Click here if we can help you with the lengthy documentation for these various programs.

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The treatment of ADHD is far more than a diagnosis and some medication. True treatment may require medication, but it often requires multiple sessions to deal with the lifelong fallout from ADHD, especially if one wasn't diagnosed until adulthood. Additionally, ADHD patients tend to have trouble with relationships, social settings, occupational tasks, and other critical life areas. For these clients, we offer a membership for more routine counseling, tailored to what you need. 

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Our blog is slowly growing with a combination of physician-approved links; resources; and research. Dr. Ren also continues a series of posts regarding various issues involving ADHD. Feel free to send an email with questions or a topic of interest, and Dr. Ren will usually throw in her two cents.