The following are Dr. Ren's personal thoughts and creative writing. The majority are reflections on practicing medicine in today's culture. If you do read these, please remember that I write from the heart. Occasionally (especially in residency), patients would get under my skin and inspire a flurry of typing (my form of anger management). Please don't think less of me for being honest about my failures and mistakes. Quite simply, it would be a lie to pretend I was a perfect, text-book doctor (they don't exist!). 

  1. You never forget the first time you witness someone die, especially if it's a patient you've come to adore (be careful; this one's a real tear-jerker): THE PIANIST.
  2. One of the most valuable lessons as a resident is that patients don't always cooperate like you'd like them to (don't judge me too poorly for this one; I wrote it on a bad day): THE DIABETIC.
  3. Corporate medicine can eat your soul if you're not careful. Had I not learned some valuable lessons, I'm not sure I would be free of it today: FOUR LESSONS.