1. We made the decision to homeschool after a brief trial of public school. Unfortunately, it was quickly evident our son's ADHD wasn't going to mesh well with standard school structure. I took some time to learn about the origins of our public education and why it is the way it is. Take a walk down some interesting & sarcastic history: AN ELEMENTARY MISTAKE. Please note: In no way do I judge or otherwise condemn people who make the decision to send their children to public or private school. My sarcastic view of the public system is simply that-a criticism of the system, not anyone who participates in it (especially not teachers).


  1. One of the greatest challenges parents must cope with is the extremely limited attention span of their ADHD children. It's not only a parents who struggle with this, it's teachers as well. Here are some tips and tricks for improving attention and retention in you ADHD child: THE BATTLE OF THE ATTENTION SPAN.
  2. Children with ADHD simply MUST move. Attempts to control their involuntary movement can lead to problems, yet parents must also conform (at least a little) to social expectations. The following post may give some insight regarding your child's constant movement: THE CHILD IN MOTION.
  3. Having ADHD is hard on kids and parents alike. Don't kid yourself: children are exposed to moral judgments about their uncontrollable behavior as early as Kindergarten. Here is a view into our son's drop in self-confidence upon entering public school: I WISH I HAD A TRUCK BRAIN.