There is so much information about ADHD, that I've divided the topic into different webpages. As with anything we post on our site, all information has been previewed to ensure the information is accurate.


This link will take readers to Dr. Ren's ADHD blog, which covers a variety of issues (and occasionally rants). Posts are generally about common patient ADHD questions/concerns; childhood ADHD issues (particularly in public school); ADHD homeschooling; adult ADHD concerns; and common relationship trouble caused by ADHD.


ADHD remains a popular topic of debate among both general and medical populations. Sadly, there are members of both communities who believe ADHD is a "made up" diagnosis, despite the huge amount of research proving otherwise. Occasionally, we continue to see news articles about ADHD, some of which go viral and are nothing more than uninformed nonsense. At the same time, research continues to churn out from psychiatric and neurology departments across the globe. Articles, news, and studies will be placed here, as well as a review of their sincerity and accuracy. If you come across an article or other news report you'd like us to review, please send it to us via email. 


There is a multitude of ADHD-related web resources; literature; and online video lectures. Here, patients and providers can find an organized approach to physician-reviewed resources and their links. As I read through the most popular ADHD books on the market (for both the general and medical populations), I also post comprehensive reviews with the hope it will help readers avoid bad information.