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This is an area for patients and providers with an interest in Palliative Care. Palliative care (pronounced 'pal-lee-uh-tiv') is specialized medical care for people with serious and/or long-term illnesses. Qualifying conditions include: chronic pain; terminal illness (e.g. end-stage COPD or end-stage liver failure); serious autoimmune disease; cancer (even if being treated or in remission); and sufferings from treatment side effects (e.g. chemotherapy or immune-modulating medication).

Palliative care is one of our specialties; it aims to provide relief from the the symptoms and stress of a serious illness and/or its treatment. Palliative care is often confused with Hospice, but they are not the same, nor are they required to go together (meaning, patients can receive Palliative care without being on Hospice). Our goal is to improve quality of life for both patients and their families.

The following blog contains information about Palliative services; new treatments; and current theories. We also provide links and other resources for patients and providers alike. And yes, we support medical marijuana here. If interested, this is the place to look for physician-approved and peer-reviewed cannabis research.

For information regarding our Palliative care services, click HERE.


We have a special interest in both Hospice and end-of-life care. Unlike Palliative care, Hospice is specifically for patients (and their families) facing a life-limiting illness. To meet Hospice criteria, a patient must have a condition most providers believe will be terminal within six months or less (that does not mean patients must die within six months, only that most patients at the same stage of illness would pass away within six months).

At RSHC, we treat death as the final stage of growth, not an event to fear. This is the area we post information, links, and resources for end-of-life issues. Both patients and providers will find this information invaluable. It's our mission to help our fellow providers become better at announcing and handling bad news. This is also an area where patients can find direct and no-nonsense information about the many end-of-life concerns we must all worry about at some point (e.g. questions about the funeral industry, burial options, DPOAs, Advanced Directives, and similar issues).


This blog is for Dr. Ren's personal thoughts and stories. It's posted here for her own amusement, but patients and other providers can also get an idea of her inner workings (if they dare!). Never being one to hold back, this is also where she confronts the various injustices of America's medical system. You may find much more in common with a doctor than you ever thought possible.


This is an area where we post medical news pertinent to our practice and our patients. We also post links to various useful websites,which both clients and medical providers will find useful.


We love ADHD here. Seriously. Hopefully, we can help you love it too. As most of Dr. Ren's family has ADHD, it's become a central issue within her household and, therefore, within her practice. As most of us know, there is a lot of incorrect information about ADHD on the internet. This area is where patients and providers can find physician-reviewed and approved information. For information regarding our ADHD counseling services, click HERE.