Ren Specialty Health Care (RSHC) tailors medical care for your individual health needs and situation. Rather than waiting in line at a doctor's office, however, we come directly to you. Think of us as the ultimate mobile medical clinic; we treat our patients via:

  • Traditional housecalls;
  • Online counseling (telemedicine);
  • Telephone and text consultations; and
  • Office visits.

Because of our unique practice model, RSHC offers a variety of treatments, services, and counseling rarely found together in a single practice. Some of our primary services include:

  • Primary care services;
  • Acute care needs;
  • Counseling of all kinds;
  • Expertise in ADHD treatment, life-coaching, and counseling;
  • Chronic pain management;
  • Palliative and end-of-life care; 
  • Education for providers and patients alike; and
  • Tailored care for unique patient situations.

Our approach is clinical, yet holistic; modern, yet traditional. We take the benefits of modern medicine and adjust care plans and treatment locations for each patient's needs. 

How do we do it? We take the most important elements of health care and convert them into "traveling" units, allowing us to offer easily mobile; patient-centered; and high-quality health care. Most of our services occur via traditional housecall, but we find ways to work with patients in almost any setting. You are not expected to be convenient for us; we're here to be convenient for you.


Several communities are best served by joining one of our memberships. While our memberships have a monthly or yearly fee, there are no required contracts. Meaning, you may opt to cancel the service at any time. Patient populations best suited for our membership programs include: 

  • Patients who cannot easily reach a doctor and need a primary care physician. Through our PERSONALIZED MEDICAL MEMBERSHIP (PMM), patients with complex medical histories are sure to benefit financially while having improved care.
  • Patients needing Palliative and/or Hospice care that wish to stay in their homes as long as possible will benefit from our COMPREHENSIVE HOME PALLIATIVE SERVICE (CHPS). Caregiver treatment, counseling, and support are automatically included in this membership.
  • Those struggling with ADHD who need comprehensive counseling, life-coaching, and/or psychiatric support may find our ADHD COUNSELING & COACHING SERVICE (ADHD-CCS) to be life-changing.
  • Patients with generalized, chronic muscle/joint pain should investigate our CONNECTIVE TISSUE TREATMENT PROGRAM (CTTP). Don't waste your money on monthly spa memberships when you're in need of real medical massage and connective tissue treatment.


Memberships are not for everyone, and many patients would prefer to try us out before committing to a membership fee. For those preferring appointments on an individual basis, you have only to call us so we can discuss your needs. If you don't see your medical need listed here, we can probably create a care plan for you. Our individual medical services are as follows:

  • Urgent care medical visits. Details HERE.
  • Work, school, camp, or sports-related physicals. Details HERE.
  • Single-session massage therapy, acupuncture, or trigger point therapy. Details HERE.
  • Home safety evaluations for patients with fall risks; disability access needs; or dementia. This can be a simple household survey with a list of recommendations, or we can install ramps, rails, and other necessary safety equipment after an initial consultation. Details HERE.
  • Medication evaluation (to avoid negative side effects caused by too many or conflicting medications). Details HERE.
  • Medical history and medical paperwork preparation. Details HERE.
  • Hospital follow up visits. Details HERE.
  • Diagnostic and/or individual counseling sessions for ADHD. Details HERE.
  • Medical assistance for the creation of teen and adult IEPs, 504 plans, and other forms of academic or work accommodations. Details HERE.
  • Grief and spiritual counseling through one of our business affiliates. Details HERE.
  • DPOA and Living Will assistance. Details HERE.
  • Individual medical needs tailored to your unique situation. Just give us a call and we will see if we can find a way to help you. Contact us HERE.


We offer individual and group education/therapy sessions for non-professionals for a variety of issues. We are also provide continuing education courses (CME) for almost all health care providers. Our current education programs are as follows:

  • Individualized patient or family education for any topic necessary (e.g. Atrial fibrillation; congestive heart failure; dementia, etc). Details HERE.
  • Group therapy sessions for multiple patient and community populations. Details HERE.
  • Topic-specific lectures for schools, hospitals, community centers, or other organizations. Details HERE.
  • Medical student, PA, and NP shadowing experiences. Our contact information can be found HERE.
  • A growing blog of physician-approved resources, links, and information about ADHD; general medicine; and Palliative/Hospice needs. Found HERE.
  • A growing list of free forms, information, and helpful patient-directed printouts. Found HERE.
  • A growing list of free forms and patient printouts for fellow medical professionals. Found HERE.
Vanessa Ren, MD

Dr. Ren is board certified in Family Medicine, but she has experience in both hospital and clinical medicine. She is leaving critical care hospital medicine in an effort to save her sanity! Unlike many physicians, she loves patient care more than she loves medicine; she is as tired of the traditional medical model as patients are. She is a strong patient advocate with a friendly and quirky attitude. Her goal is not to be your doctor, but to be to part of your health care team. Learn more about Dr. Ren and the RSHC staff HERE.