Vanessa Ren, MD


Dr. Ren is the owner of RSHC. She is a board-certified family physician with experience in critical care medicine; primary care; Palliative & Hospice medicine; and ADHD (a sub-specialty required of her life in general). She has a Fellowship in Integrative ("Alternative") medicine, completed through the University of Arizona Medical School. While she no longer does OB, she used to deliver babies in residency. At RSHC, she does the majority of clinical work and serves as the primary care physician for our patients. If you're looking for a doctor, she is who will be coming to your door!


Doctors seem to lead these things with their credentials, probably to sound impressive. But let's be honest, does anyone (besides other doctors) really care where their doctor went to residency? Well, I hate to be a conformist, but I figure patients would like the reassurance that I actually attended (and passed) medical school, so here goes:

I attended the University of Kansas for my undergraduate degree, with a major in biology (technically, it was a B.S. in "Biology, Biodiversity, Ecology, and Evolutionary Biology," but that wouldn't fit on the graduation announcements). After a few years working in entry-level science positions, I went insane and decided to go to medical school. I obtained my M.D. through KU's School of Medicine, then completed residency at Goppert Trinity Family Care, a Family Medicine residency program associated with Research Medical Center in Kansas City, MO.

During my last residency year, I was Chief Resident. The only reason I mention this is because I get life brownie points for taking a job no one else wanted!

Following residency, I took on a full-time Nocturnist job at Centerpoint Medical Center, in Independence, MO. That job was a doozy. I managed very complex patients (personally admitting well over 4000 thousand) and ran some very heart-wrenching code blues.

The two hospitals I worked at - Research and Centerpoint - taught me a lot about the state of America's absolutely horrid health care system. I decided to do something about it, which is probably why you're reading this now.

Why you may (or may not) Want me for Your Provider

As I mentioned, I'm not much of a conformist. During residency, I was always in trouble for my "lack of professionalism." That doesn't mean I came to clinic without pants on; it means I had a habit of shucking aside the white coat, wearing jeans, and sporting a pair of hot-pink chucks. Seriously, though...just look at these babies!

Want to walk a mile in a doctor's shoes? Now you can! (If you're a size 9)

I don't fit the profile of most doctors, so I hope that's okay with you. I'm Progressive, pro-LGBTQ rights, feminist, opinionated (but not closed minded), and extremely liberal. But don't worry if any of that makes you shudder, most Republicans still like me despite their best efforts (ha!). Seriously though, I have yet to find a patient I couldn't connect with. I care about people and their humanity; that kind of health care approach doesn't lend itself to taking sides.

Here's a little something else about my doctoring: I am a woman with an autoimmune disease and associated chronic pain. As most people possessing any combination of these three elements know, doctors don't always treat you seriously. I know how it feels to be strung along by the medical community; I know how it feels to have your complaints punted because you're a either a woman; a chronic pain patient; or simply a diagnostic mystery. I can't promise to know all the answers, but I can promise a truly sympathetic approach to your care.

So, I'm the one non-ADHD person in my family. Here they are. Mommy's little horde:

If you notice a difference between this picture and the one on the main page, it's not just because my hair is longer. I confess! I posted an old picture of me (before procreation ruined my girlish figure in one fell swoop).

My husband, son, and (maybe) my daughter all have ADHD, as well as my father and mother-in-law. I wouldn't be surprised if more turned up somewhere. I won't start soap-boxing about it here (there are other places for that), but I understand ADHD's ups and downs very, very, VERY well. Because of my family's needs (and a strong desire to remain married!), ADHD became one of my sub-specialties. If you're here for ADHD help, both myself and my husband (Robert Ren) are on your side. We occasionally do joint counseling for fellow couples, as it helps to have an ADHD perspective in the room. And yes, we will help you even if you have a drug, tobacco, or alcohol problem (don't worry, I'm PRO-medical marijuana and I even blog about it).

Yearly deaths from alcohol consumption? 88,000! Yearly deaths from cannabis? ZERO!

It's not my job to punish people for their addictions. It's my job to be a health care teammate; to help patients stand back up when they stumble.

(This kind of moral snootiness is a serious problem within physician culture, and I won't contribute to it.)

If you've made it this far, you must really want to make sure you know who you're dealing with. Therefore, I'll make my final confession: I am both a nerd...and a geek. I love role playing games; fantasy; science fiction; Marvel and DC (especially Batman, who I liked LONG before Christopher Nolan's movies). I only skipped school once, and it was to go to the library. No joke. Even today, I spend my free time trying to write fantasy novels and studying mythology, theology, or whatever -ology has hijacked my interest at the time.

That's all I have. I'll let the photos speak for themselves. Thanks for taking the time to learn a bit about me; I will return the favor when we meet.


Dr. Ren is easy to reach! Please see our contact page for details.