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While not medical personnel, Amanda is essentially the only person around here who understands accounting, business, and office management. We depend on her to explain the basics to us so we can file taxes and other forms of unpleasant tasks. Our clients may work with her if they have questions about invoices, paperwork, or other financial issues. Otherwise, she spends her time redirecting Dr. Ren as needed! 


I’ve always been a creative person. I love to draw, paint, and create things. So, naturally, I majored in Accounting in college. I graduated from Rockhurst University’s Helzberg School of Management with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an area of concentration in Accounting. I currently work in the finance department at a local advertising agency. I also help manage my husband John’s handyman company, Elite Home Services. I have my own little side business, too. I custom paint shoes and crochet everything from blankets to dolls to hats. That’s where I make up for my not-so-exciting life in accounting.

Another way I get my kicks is roller derby. By day, I’m Amanda in the finance department. By night, I’m Lady Mary Brawley with the Kansas City Roller Warriors. You can come watch me play in the 2018 season.

As I mentioned, I’m married. My husband and I have a precocious soon-to-be kindergartener, and she is the light of our lives. We live in Prairie Village with our three cats: Teddy, Champ, and Isabelle.