A student asked about the meaning of 'ren.' Confucius said, "Love others." The student then asked about the meaning of knowledge. The master said, "Know others."


Our mission at RSHC is simple, but it requires an explanation of a Confucian concept called 'ren.'

The word 'ren' is one of the most fundamental concepts in Confucianism. It is difficult to transcribe to English; the closest words being "benevolence," "altruism," "goodness," or "humaneness." However, 'ren' does not actually refer to a specific virtue. Rather, it is the inner capacity possessed by all human beings to do good; it is the quality that makes humans human; it is the innate source of mankind's virtues (including wisdom, piety, reverence, courtesy, love, and honor).

The Chinese characters for 'man' (人) and 'ren' (仁) have the same pronunciation. To act with ren, therefore, is to be truly human.

When Dr. Ren married, both she and her husband decided to take a new last name. They replaced their surnames with "Ren," specifically to remind each other that marriage is a daily exercise in compassion and tolerance. As time went on, the meaning behind the last name extended to family, children, pets (sooo many pets!), and - in Dr. Ren's case - patients.

The use of 'Ren' in our practice name is not to elevate Dr. Ren's name above her partners or patients, but as a reminder - and promise - that RSHC will treat all patients with humanity. Therefore, we promise that...

Ren Specialty Health Care will provide the highest quality health care to those most in need of compassion and understanding. We will foster well-being as defined by the patient, not by a physician's hubris; we will treat people, not problems; we will grow our community, not our pockets; and we will be patient partners, healing in the light of our shared humanity.