Ren Specialty Health Care

5100A NW Waukomis Dr.

Northmoor, MO 64151

We try our best to keep an O.H.I.O. policy regarding paperwork: Only Handle It Once! As soon as it’s in our hands, you can expect an appropriate response from one of our staff members.



We have a HIPAA-compliant fax number, meaning you can safely send us medical records without fear of them being lost or picked up by non-RSHC staff. All faxes are immeidately reviewed by Dr. Ren.


(913) 980-4697

Dr. Ren carries the RSHC phone with her at all times (pager… phone… what’s the difference, really?). Yes, patients can actually reach their physician directly! We know it sounds like a Utopian fantasy, but those of us at RSHC  want our patients to receive the best care possible. For that to occur, patients must be able to reach their doctor within a reasonable time frame.

Please note: Unless you are a regular patient, most phone calls go directly to voice mail.  This is intentional; we are not attempting to be rude.

This is for two reasons: the first is a high call volume; we sometimes need to triage our calls. The second reason is that Dr. Ren does not usually answer calls while caring for patients, driving, and other common sense no-phone times.

If you reach our voicemail, please leave your full name, reason for calling, and a return number and your call will be addressed as soon as possible. Please anticipate 24-48 hours to return non-urgent and business calls. Patient calls will be returned within 24 hours.

As a courtesy, we ask you call or text during day hours (defined as roughly 8:00 am to 8:00 pm). However, patients should not hesitate to call Dr. Ren – even in the middle of the night – if they have an urgent issue. New patients are asked to sign a phone-provider contract. Patients, please use that contract as a guide if you are unsure about contacting Dr. Ren. And if in doubt, err on the side on caution and call your doctor. That’s what she is here for!

And, of course, if there is a true emergency (e.g. severe chest pain; house fire; out of ice cream; etc.), use common sense and call 9-1-1.

Regarding texting: Texts follow the same rules of return as phone calls. Dr. Ren has no preference regarding how patients and clients use the RSHC phone number: Texts and calls are equally fine.

As a precaution (and to avoid HIPAA violations), please do not send any personal information via text, including contact information. If you’re unsure of what you’re sending, ask yourself the following: If Dr. Ren’s phone is stolen, how embarrassing will this text message be?

The fine print: Unfortunately, patient-to-physician calls can end up taking a considerable amount of time during the day. We ask that clients please review our clinic policy regarding charges for phone calls. RSHC does not charge patients for calls of routine care (e.g. discussion of lab results) or common sense discussions under ten minutes. Phone call charges are only applied when a medical concern is being managed over the phone. Patients will be notified of a potential charge during that call.


Counseling sessions through Tele-med means will be discussed and arranged in detail with individual clients.